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3D Sri Yantra in Crystal Cube

sri yantra sri yantra Sri Yantra in crystal

By popular demand the 3D Sri Yantra is back. Unleash the power of divine energy in your environment. This 3D Sri Yantra is engraved with a laser inside a crystal glass cube. It is shipped in a beautiful gift box shown on the right picture. For a more dramatic effect put it on a LED base (not included)..

Small (2 in - 50 mm) US $ 65
Medium (2 3/8 in - 60 mm) US $ 95

Large (3 1/8 in - 80 mm) US $ 125

Drawing Method for the Optimal Sri Yantra
Optimal Sri Yantra


The Optimal Sri Yantra is the result of many years of reseach and mathematical investigation. Until now it could only be generated with a computer. Now a hand drawn method has finally been found. For more information read Solving the Sri Yantra. This method will allow you to draw a precise and perfectly centered Optimal Sri Yantra of any size with only a protractor, a ruler and a pen. The pdf file contains 49 illustrations for an easy step by step approach (see samples above). Also includes all the steps necessary to draw the outer enclosure (Bhupura). See sample drawings here.

US $12 (Instant Download)


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High Resolution Drawings
Optimal Sri Yantra
3000 x 3000 pixels

After years of dedicated research and with the help of sophisticated mathematical software, the Sri Yantra code has finally been broken. Read the article to understand why the Sri Yantra is so difficult to draw and learn the three main characteristics that will produce the optimal configuration. Order your copies now of this error free optimal configuration (plane form and spherical form).

US $12.00 (Instant Download)


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High Resolution Paintings
Optimal Sri Yantra
7800 x 7800 pixels


Sri Yantra Poster

These high resolution images are ideal for printing a poster on photo paper, fine art paper or even canvas. Or you can use them as background for you desktop. The resolution (7800 x 7800 pixel) is high enough to print a 36 x 36 inch poster. You get all 6 images shown above.

US $17.00 (Instant Download)


Paypal or Credit card.

Vector Format Drawing
Optimal Sri Yantra

sri yantra vector

If you are looking for the highest precision possible this is for you. This drawing is extremely precise even if you zoom in. Add colors and personalize it to your own taste. Vector files are scalable and can be imported directly in AutoCAD, Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Visio and most other vector graphics programs. The drawing comes in the following formats:

Adobe Illustrator CS3 (.ai)
Scalable Vector Graphics (.svg)
Visio 2002 (.vsd)
Portable Document Format (.pdf)
AutoCAD 2000 (.dwg)
AutoCAD Universal format 2000 (.dxf)

US $12.00 (Instant Download)


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Sri Yantra Explorer Software
Create, Shape and Color Sri Yantras

Click here for more information

"Been playing with your program. I am really impressed. It is much more versatile than I thought. I like the visualization of the many configurations. It is fast and it is so easy to check out different options. This is a wonderful service."

Stephen C Hull, March 2012


The Sri Yantra Explorer software is the ultimate tool to explore and create the many configurations of the Sri Yantra. You can shape the Sri Yantra by using the pre-defined constraints, custom angles, or interactively. After you are done creating you can use the coloring tools to make it look like a million. Click here for more information. Available for Windows only at this time.

US $45.00 (Instant Download)

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